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CAPinside Solutions develops lean and effective solutions that meet the requirements of the financial industry.
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Our Range of Services

As a financial services company, CAPinside Solutions provides you with powerful support for digitizing and optimizing your processes and applications.


Consulting & Technology

We are experts in:
Digital Strategy
We find the right tools to digitalize your processes.
We help you make better decisions based on well-founded data.
Individual Software Development
We develop tailor-made solutions for you.
System Integration
We integrate new technologies into existing systems and ensure compatibility and efficiency.
Consulting and Technology IllustrationConsulting and Technology Illustration
Cloud & DevOps
We are experts in:
Illustration with cloud and DevOps elements
Cloud Migration
We move existing systems and applications to the cloud to improve performance and cost efficiency.
DevOps Implementation
We implement DevOps methodologies to streamline collaboration between development and the operations team and enable faster and more reliable software delivery.
Scalability and Flexibility
We ensure that our solutions are scalable and flexible to meet future needs.
Illustration with cloud and DevOps elements
UX/UI Design
We are experts in:
User Research
We develop a good understanding of the needs of the target group and analyse the core problems that need to be solved, for example with the help of behavioral analyses, user interviews or workshops.
Wireframing & Prototyping
We first develop rough visual representations of the user interface so that we can identify the appropriate solution at an early stage and test and refine it before implementation.
Responsive Design
We make sure the user interface is optimized for different devices and screen sizes.
User Journey
We analyse users' experiences with the application in order to understand hurdles and opportunities and thus be able to further optimize them.
UX and UI design illustrationUX and UI design illustration